20th February 2023

Fresh stock is being added to the website on a frequent basis, we are currently listing plenty of original Cornish Art.

11th April 2022

Lot of fresh stock being added to the website on a daily basis. 

We are in the process of listing lots of fresh items to the website, paintings include works by Richard Blowey, John Silver, Nigel Mason, James Downie, Eric Ward, Sue Atkinson plus much more.

16th January 2021

New items being listed daily.

Lots of fresh new stock is being added to our website on a daily basis including a great selection of Cornish paintings.

31st May 2020

Lots of paintings being added to the website.

We have been busy uploading fresh stock to the website over the last few days with over 50 paintings being listed. Works by Jeremy Sanders, Richard Blowey, James Downie, Pete Rumney, Bob Vigg, Sasha Harding and Eric Ward have been added. We will be uploading many more items over the next few weeks. Keep checking our website !

8th February 2020

A very busy start to the new year and lots of fresh new stock being added daily including paintings by Richard Blowey, James Downie, Eric Ward, John Silver and Mal Burton. We also have plenty of Moorcroft pottery that we will be listing for sale.

1st September 2019

A busy summer with lots of fresh items being added on a daily basis.

We have been listing paintings by James Downie, John Silver, Richard Blowey, Ken Howard and Ponckle amongst other popular artists.

20th February 2019

Lots of sales in recent months, new items being added daily

We have sold lots of items over the last few months however we have also been adding lots of fresh stock to the website, pieces recently added include Moorcroft Pottery, Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian, British Art including works by Joan Gillchrest, Richard Blowey, James Downie, Pete Rumney, Mary Stork, John Neale and David Parry.

7th November 2018

Lots of new items being added to the website

We have been adding a wide variety of fresh pieces to the website recently including paintings by Bob Vigg, James Downie, Ken Symonds and Ken Howard to name just a few, limited edition prints by David Shepherd as well as Moorcroft pottery and Poole Pottery.

17th September 2018

Andrew Tozer Paintings

We were delighted to recently purchase a lovely collection of paintings by sought after Cornish artist Andrew Tozer, these pictures can be viewed in our Cornish and Westcountry Paintings section.

19th April 2018

Moorcroft Pottery

We recently acquired a lovely selection of Moorcroft Pottery, pieces include a Cat plate by Sally Tuffin, vases and dishes. We are currently adding these pieces to our website.

17th March 2018

We have been adding lots of new items to the website recently. Pieces include paintings by Eric Ward, Moorcroft Pottery, Clarice Cliff, Burmantofts, a fine oil painting by well known British artist Ken Howard. We continue to add new pieces to the website each week.

January 2018

Happy New Year !

As we enter the beginning of a new year we continue to add more pieces to our website, items include paintings by Scottish artist Fraser Milne, Moorcroft vases, Clarice Cliff plates and bowls as well as a wide variety of other interesting pieces. 

7th November 2017

Mary Stork Original Painting

We have just listed a very stylish original mixed media painting by the highly sought after artist Mary Stork.

13th August 2017

Amanda Hoskin Paintings

We have recently acquired a wonderful selection of original paintings by well known Cornish artist Amanda Hoskin, the paintings feature various scenes including seascapes and moorland landscapes. We have a section dedicated to works by Amanda Hoskin where you can view these paintings in detail.

8th April 2017

James Downie Paintings

We have recently listed some great paintings by popular Cornwall based artist James Downie.

16th March 2017

Pat Algar Painting

We recently listed this lovely original oil painting by Pat Algar, a nice scene for this time of the year as people spend more and more time outside, this picture is currently available for £250.

5th January 2017

Ken Howard Painting 

We recently listed a beautiful original oil painting by the highly sought after British artist Ken Howard, the picture features a charming Venetian scene in Italy, the painting is priced at £2295.

9th November 2016

Mary Georgina Wade Wilson Paintings

We have just listed two very attractive original pastel paintings by Mary Georgina Wade Wilson (1856 - 1939).

22nd October 2016

Eric Ward Paintings

We have just added two superb paintings by well known Cornish artist Eric Ward to our website, the pictures feature two scenes in Cornwall, one of boats at St Ives, the other depicts a scene at Percuil.

20th September 2016

Zlatan Pilipovic Paintings

We have just listed three superb paintings by London based artist Zlatan Pilipovic, these pictures can be viewed in detail in our Zlatan Pilipovic Paintings section.

6th September 2016

Ken Howard Paintings

We recently sold this fine Original Oil Painting by well known British artist Ken Howard. The painting depicted a busy scene at Penzance Harbour in Cornwall. This picture sold to a buyer from London for £2100. We always have an interesting selection of Cornish Paintings for sale on our website. 

31st August 2016

Pete Rumney Original Painting

We recently added a superb painting by the increasingly popular Pete Rumney to our website. Rumney, also known as Pete the Painter is a collectable artist based in the North East of England. The painting features a vibrant scene in London. It was painted in June 2016 and is titled Rescued From The Rain. It is priced at £195 and can be viewed in our Paintings and Prints section. 

28th August 2016

Nick Walker Paint Chuckers

We recently sold a superb piece by Bristol born artist Nick Walker, the painting was titled Paint Chuckers and was made in a very limited edition of just five paintings. This picture sold to a buyer from London for £2050.

30th May 2016

Quality Cornish Art

We have added a number of superb Paintings with a Cornish theme to our website recently, pictures include works by Gill Watkiss, Mary Stork, Eric Ward, Bernard Evans and Linda Weir to name just a few, these can be viewed in our Paintings and Prints section. 

3rd April 2016

Ken Howard Painting of Mousehole

We recently sold this fine painting of Mousehole Harbour in Cornwall by renowned artist Ken Howard, the painting sold for £4250 to a buyer from Oxford, we have lots of fine paintings for sale on our website.

10th March 2016

Ted Dyer Painting races away

We sold this wonderful Original Oil Painting by well known Cornish artist Ted Dyer over the weekend, the painting was titled: Early Summer, Fowey River. The picture sold within days of being advertised to a buyer from Fowey with exactly the same view from her property !! The painting was priced at £695.

3rd February 2016

Moorcroft Pottery

We have recently added a number of lovely examples of Moorcroft pottery to the website, pieces include vases, ginger jars and chargers, take a look at our Moorcroft Pottery section for more details.

6th January 2016

Happy new year !!  Paintings by Eric Ward just listed

We have just added two wonderful paintings by well known Cornish artist Eric Ward to the site. Each picture is priced at £295 including free postage within the UK.

6th November 2015

New items being listed regularly

We are always adding fresh items to the website, recent additions include paintings by David Rylance, James Downie, Harry Prest, Minou Steiner, Fraser Milne and Eric Ward. We have also been adding some lovely pieces of Moorcroft Pottery to the website. To view our vast selection of items click on the View All Items For Sale section. 

17th September 2015

Deborah Jones Paintings

We have just listed two lovely paintings by well known artist Deborah Jones, the pictures are priced at £175 and £185.

30th August 2015

Paintings recently added

We have added a good selection of paintings recently, artists include:

Arthur Royce Bradbury
Marjorie Mort
Richard Lannowe Hall
Paul Hoare
David Rylance
John Bampfield
Edna Bridge
Ken Symonds
David Rust
James Downie
Mark Coombs

22nd July 2015

Paintings by Gill Watkiss

We currently have two superb Original Oil Paintings by well known Cornish artist Gill Watkiss. 

Gill Watkiss was born in 1938 and studied at the Walthamstow School of Art. She moved to West Cornwall with her late husband (painter and photographer) Reg Watkiss in the 1950’s. They lived in various locations including Zenna, St Just and Newlyn. Her work depicts the lives of ordinary people and their surroundings in Cornwall. She has developed a highly recognisable style with dramatic urban/rural landscapes/backgrounds and figures (many windblown) both happy and sad. She is undoubtedly one of the most influential figurative/landscape artists to work in Cornwall in the last fifty years. 

14th July 2015

Paintings recently listed:

We have been adding a variety of art to our website recently including paintings by the following artists:

Martin Collins
Michael D Hill
Prue Sapp
James Downie
Zlatan Pilipovic
Fraser Milne
Andrew Hood
Sheila Tiffin
Rachel Stribbling

16th June 2015

Some of our recently listed items:

Fraser Milne Original Oil Painting of Boats at Troon Marina in Scotland, a beautiful painting by a collectable Scottish artist - £250.

Sonas Maclean Original Gouache Painting of a Puffin, delightful wildlife picture by a talented Scottish artist - £175.

Troika Pottery Lamp Base with a fantastic abstract design - £395.

11th June 2015

The designs of Clarice Cliff offer a vast variety of patterns, shapes and often vibrant colours. They extend from the early 1920's Bizarre patterns, then in 1928 the highly successful Crocus colour range was introduced followed by Fantasque, Delecia, Applique, Gayday and many others. Further new shapes followed in the late 1920's and 1930's such as Conical, Bon Jour and Stamford. As tastes changed in the 1930's and modelled shapes became popular the My Garden range with small moulded flowers in bright colours sold well. In 1937 the Basketware pattern was introduced, Celtic Harvest was also popular. Just after the second world war the demand for less colourful, more conservative ornaments and tableware initially set the trend and the vibrant styles and patterns of the 1930's faded away. The colourful revival of other pottery in the 1960's possibly spurred a small revival of interest in the designs of Clarice Cliff and in the 1970's, 80's and 90's this exploded. This interest has remained steady ever since with huge numbers of collectors worldwide. Clarice Cliff was undoubtedly one of the foremost (possibly the most well known) British designer of the twentieth century. Her works and those of her paintresses now feature in the Victoria and Albert Museum. With such a huge and varied output to select from there is a style and colour to suit most buyers. At british ceramics and paintings we have now sold approximately 1000 pieces of Clarice Cliff pottery and we strive to offer affordable items ranging from cups and saucers, plates, tureens to vases and jugs.

2nd June 2015

Poole Pottery provides an opportunity to acquire an individual piece of British made pottery. The stylish wares originally made in Dorset represent the varied periods of twentieth century design. There are the colourful, intricate, sometimes jazzy Art Deco 1920's / 1930's styles of the Carter Stabler Adams period, the hand painted 1950's traditional floral designs contrast wonderfully with the clean cut simplified 1950's Scandinavian influenced Freeform wares. This was followed by the highly individual vibrant modern art 1960's Delphis pieces. The 1970's Aegean items then provide a further variation. Other designs include Studio and individual Commemorative pieces. There is also the highly influential Guy Sydenham Studio period with distinctive styles such as Atlantis. Virtually every piece of Poole Pottery is hand decorated and created individually by the potters and paintresses making most pieces unique. There is undoubtedly a piece to suit most tastes and homes and we always endeavour to have a wide selection available.

30th April 2015

The interest in Cornish art continues to be very strong and we always have a good selection of paintings by artists based in Cornwall or those heavily influenced by Cornwall. We currently have paintings for sale by the following:

Gill Watkiss
Ken Howard
Simeon Stafford
Linda Weir
Eric Ward
Ted Dyer
Bob Vigg
David Rylance
John Harvey
James Downie

See our Paintings and Prints section for full details.

23rd February 2015

We always have a good selection of paintings by James Downie. Downie is a collectable artist working from Newquay in Cornwall, his paintings are heavily influenced by the Northern School of Art including the world renowned L S Lowry. The subject of Downie's paintings vary greatly from a gritty northern industrial scene to a calm coastal scene in Cornwall. His paintings remain affordable and can be hung without a frame. Use our search facility to view our current selection of paintings by James Downie.

16th November 2014

We have been adding lots of items to our website during the last week including paintings by Gill Watkiss, Mary Stork, Sarah Stribbling and James Downie as well as pieces of Clarice Cliff, Ruskin Pottery including a superb high fired vase, Poole Pottery, Carlton Ware and an unusual Moorcroft Vase in the Wandboard design.

25th July 2014

We have recently acquired some fantastic pieces which we will be adding to the website during the course of the next few weeks. Items include paintings by several well known and sought after artists including Ken Howard, Linda Weir, Jonathan Armigel Wade, James S Davis, Ian Houston, Eric Ward, Donald McIntyre, Gill Watkiss plus many others.

14th February 2014

Three more Eric Ward Paintings now available to purchase.

These superb paintings by Cornish Artist Eric Ward depict coastal scenes at St Ives and Mousehole in Cornwall. All three can be viewed and purchased via our Paintings and Prints section.

15th January 2014

We have recently listed a varied selection of items for sale, items include an Original Oil Painting by Douglas Hill, a Clarice Cliff Vase in the My Garden design, three pieces of Moorcroft Pottery including a Vase in the Vereley design, a Magnolia Dish and a fairly rare Plate in the Spiraxia design, keep checking our website as items come and go.

24th December 2013

We have just listed a stunning Original Oil Painting by David Stribbling, the painting depicts a Polar Bear in the snow, the painting is available for £125 and can be found in our paintings section, a wonderful picture for this time of the year !

10th December 2013

We have just listed a delightful Original Oil Painting by Deborah Jones, the painting is titled Waiting To Play and is priced at £250, please see our paintings section for full details.

6th December 2013

Thank you for visiting our new website. We are currently in the process of adding a variety of superb items to the site, at the moment we have approaching 200 items listed for sale and hope to have over 300 products advertised within the next few weeks, all of our items have detailed descriptions and condition reports as well as good quality photographs. If you have any questions regarding any of our items please feel free to contact us.